Clay Ball Stylus Tools Set – 10types

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This product set comes in 5 pieces of tools with different dotting sizes on both end of the tool.

It is excellent to use in clay art project especially when cratting and designing tidy features on your miniature clay craft.

You can use it together with acrylic paint to create perfect dots on your clay art creations for examples, clay charms, clay miniature or clay jewellery.It will add allow you to add colourful dot design in your clay art creations.

Besidse, you also can use this tool set to design marbling or swirling effects in your clay creations before the clay is harden.

You will love this high value to price Clay Ball Stylus Tools Set and find it extremely easy to apply small and tiny beads or other materials on your clay creations.

Material : Polished steel ball in plastic handle

Size : Diameter of each end ranging from < 1mm to 3mm

Quantity : 5 pieces with 10 stylus size in one set

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Weight 85 g