50g White Resin Clay

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The 50g White Resin Clay offered by My DIY Clay Art is produced by branded clay maker in Taiwan. This is one kind of air dry clay that will cure and harden under room temperature.

The output from this resin clay upon drying will give plastic alike characteristics.This product is suitable as the core material for creating miniatures, fake food, charms, DIY keychains, clay figures and etc.

The non baking characteristic of the resin clay product give advantage and convenient for both novice and professional user. You only need to focus in making your creative clay masterpiece without worrying on the baking process required when using polymer clay.

The white colour of resin clay will not restrict your creativity in your clay art creation. You can produce your own preferable colour saturation according to your need by mixing acrylic paint with the resin clay.

We offer Ly Hsin White Resin Clay in 50g which is perfect for 1st time clay user to try it without investing too much or storing too many clay.

To find our more about type of clay, visit our FAQ webpage.

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Brand : LyHsin

Material : Resin Clay

Colour : White

Weight : 50g

Quantity : 1pcs

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Weight 50 g