15ml Yellow Fake Deco Sauce

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My DIY Clay Art offer 15ml Yellow Fake Deco Sauce which is produced by branded clay maker in Taiwan.

Fake Deco Sauce will cure and harden under room temperature.It is the perfect partner with Creamy Clay.

Unlike normal clay, the characteristic of the Fake Deco Sauce can produce liquid or gel line alike outcome. It definely will bring your clay art masterpieces to higher another level.

The Fake Deco Sauce product is widely used in decorating miniature clay art especially in miniature fake food such as macaroon, ice cream, cake, donut, candy and etc.

We understand that different colour need in your fake miniature food decoration with Fake Deco Sauce. Hence, My DIY Clay Art offer Fake Deco Sauce in 3 different colour:

1) Red colour

2) Brown colour

3) Yellow colour

*You can click on the link above to access to 15mml Brown Fake Deco Sauce and 15ml Red Fake Deco Sauce.

To find our more about type of clay, visit our FAQ webpage.

Try decorate your own miniature food now by ordering from My DIY Clay Art immediately.

*Please be informed that My DIY Clay Art try our best to present the actual colour for your reference in the online store. However, the variation in monitor calibration might lead to colour difference between the actual product and in this online store.

Brand : LyHsin

Material : Fake Deco Sauce

Colour : Red

Weight : 15ml

Quantity : 1pcs

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