1. What is Resin Clay?

RESIN CLAY is polymer-based air dry clay. Unlike polymer clay, resin clay does not have to be baked. Acrylic paint can be used to colour the clay. It takes 2 to 3 days to dry and harden. Resin clay’s texture is very smooth and silky after dried. Resin clay is suitable to make charms, jewelry pieces, miniatures and others.

2. What is Light Weight Air Dry Clay?

LIGHTWEIGHT AIR DRY CLAY is water-based clay. It is very light, easy to sculp and mold. In addition, it is not sticky. You can colour the clay by using acrylic paint. Same like resin clay, it takes 2 to 3 days to dry. When it dried, the clay remains light, flexible yet firm. Its texture is really great for making macaroons, cookies, cakes, flowers, sculptures and more.

3. What is Cream Clay?

CREAM clay looks like real whipped cream. This clay is easy to use and light weight. It is ideal to use for decoden (cell phone deco / phone case deco), miniature sweet, cupcake, cake icing, dessert and ice cream as well as food display for restaurant and pastry shop.

4. How to Store Air Dry Clay?

Storing air dry clay, you need zipper bag, plastic wrap and airtight plastic container. First, wrap the left over clay tightly with plastic wrap. Make sure all the air out and twist it tight. After that, store it in a zipper bag. Make sure you press out the air before you zip the bag. Lastly, put it in an airtight plastic container.

5. How Long It Can Be Stored?

If you store your left over clay properly, it can be stored for several months without many changes. However, small pieces of left over clay will dry out faster, sometimes within a few weeks or even a few days.


– Use under supervision of adult.
– This product is not food. Do not swallow.
– Do not use this product if allergies or skin irritations exists.
– Keep away from flame. Do not use oven, microwave or kiln.
– Remember don’t share the equipment and tools for kitchen purpose after using with clay.