It all started when we first discovered delicate miniatures and charms in a souvenir shop during our vacation. Out of curiosity, we did some google and searched in YouTube to find out how to make these cute little tiny miniatures and charms.

As we read more, we found that polymer clay were used to create those small little masterpiece with the use of oven. Baking temperature and baking times have to be strictly monitored to ensure one will not burn the polymer clay. In addition, if the clay does burn, it may cause odor and some eye or nose irritation due to the release of hydrogen chloride gas.

Both of us were excited to make our very own miniatures and charms from polymer clay, however, it was very inconvenience for us to use an oven in our rented room. Thus, we decided to choose air dry clay, a great alternative to polymer clay because we do not need to bake! And to our surprise, the outcome of miniatures and charms made from air dry clay were fantastic!


Making clay art is always fun and perfect to fill up our free time. There is no limitation in clay art making. It can help us to unleash our creativity without barrier and improve our concentration when making clay art.

Soon after we get involved with clay art, we wished to promote clay art across different age groups, ranging from young kids to elderly. And thus, we decided to offer opportunity to more people to unleash their creativity through promoting clay art making via MY DIY CLAY ART.

At MY DIY CLAY ART, we aim to provide high quality air dry clay at reasonable price. Besides, we also sell clay art accessories which are great for clay art projects. We want MY DIY CLAY ART to be a one stop online store which tailored to suit you perfectly. We will also include videos, tutorials and photos to share clay art ideas.